Advance expereice

Through over half century. We has plenty method to control raw material with additive.

Flexible design

About EPS and Plastic, it have to increase size or density for stronger cushion.

So if you would like to increase the strength , the price will be increase following by size and density.

Mirror Cushion

In case, your product have different shape of top/bottom or left/right.

we can design mirror pulp mold to fit your product.

De-nesting capability
Reduce the warehouse space and increase the pallet load and the truck load. Potentially reduce the box sizes.
Design 1 tray for different model

We can design pulp mold to use with different model product in the same tray so that you can keep the cost of mold tooling and also cost per unit as well.

"design is not just what it looks like&feel like. Design is how it works."