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With our extensive experience of over 60 years in Pulp mold / Molded pulp fiber / Paper Packaging business in Industrial packaging , we are well versed and capable to develop packaging products to all your needs. Whether it is to make beautiful high end individual Paper packaging product, to replace EPE/EPS foam, or even Plastic trays for semi product with different needs, you can trust us to give you a Packaging proposal for your needs.


Almost of Food & Beverage Packaging is Single- use , which most of it is still currently plastic. We love to assist in reduction of theĀ  plastic waste with environmental friendlier products by sourcing for, and developing Pulp mold / Molded pulp fiber / Paper packaging products for Food & Beverage industry.


With Pulp mold/ Molded pulp fiber used as medical trays, it enable single usage function, which brings about much benefits to the medical industry overall. The reduction of contamination risk, the reduction of cleaning work that needs to be done traditionally. Single use tray should be the answer to a safer and cleaner hospital.


Health and beauty industry packaging is another major contribution to global plastic waste volume. With our Pulp mold / Molded pulp fiber and Paper packaging solutions, we can help you to achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution.


Pulp mold / Molded Pulp fiber can be used in in the automotive industry in many ways. Other than the semi product trays for shipment, we can also produce individual parts/accessories Pulp mold Packaging. Moreover, recent technologies had allowed the Pulp mold / Molded Pulp fiber technology to be integrated into production of car parts. The possibility is endless if you keep your mind open to develop and create new ideas.



It has become more sophisticated over the recent years. However, not only are most plastics, they are even less environmental friendly due to some production process such as flocking. Pulp mold / Molded pulp fiber could be a real solution to the kitchenware packaging which can look fantastic for you with an added environmental friendly theme to it.


Not only that EMI has an experience team of designer for Pulp mold / Molded pulp fiber , we also has a team of designers for boxes , Paper packaging and other materials in order to fulfill your needs. We can propose to you the kind of end user box opening experience to your liking and even customize your packaging to a hybrid solution to achieve the functionality requirements of our customers. Choices from Rigid box, corrugated box, labels, bags, and pallets are available to choose from. For all materials we can offer options of printing technologies such as Flexography or Offset printing to choose from for your designs.


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